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Connect effortlessly and expand your network.

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How Winee3 Works?

Experience the power of Web3 networking with Winee3. Join a global community, effortlessly connect, turn virtual networking into real-life meetups, access top Web3 opportunities, discover events with NFT tickets, earn rewards, and tailor your profile for a personalized experience.


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Learn more about Winee3, chat with us and have your say in the future of the Winee3 ecosystem.

Innovative Solution

Our unique Super-App caters to the web3 community needs.

AI-Powered Networking

Web3 networking with advanced AI matchmaking.

Discover Events

Blockchain-fueled event discovery.

Customize Your Profile

Tailor your profile with Winee ID.

Unlock NFT Benefits

NFTs for event tickets and profiles.

Control Your Privacy

Enhanced security to manage visibility.

Earn and Compete

Engage with leaderboards and dynamic earnings.

High Security KYC

AI-powered and real-person controlled KYC.

Create Your Event

Create Your Own events, small or large.

Winee3 Token Utility

  • Perks And Rewards
  • Buy Ticket
  • Earn The Point

Catalyzing Web3 Engagement: the Winee3 token, is your key to unlock a world of utility within the app. Convert it to Winee Points for in-app perks and rewards, incentivizing active participation in the Web3 community.

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The comprehensive distribution of Winee3 Token is meticulously illustrated in the chart that follows, offering a clear and detailed breakdown of how tokens are allocated and circulate within our platform. This commitment to transparency ensures that all users can fully understand the token's journey and its significance in our ecosystem.

Total Supply


Winee3 Referral Program

Welcome to the Winee3 Referral Program – where connecting and sharing leads to rewarding experiences! At Winee3, we believe that the best way to grow our community is through the powerful word-of-mouth from our valued users. This is why we've designed the Winee3 Referral Program to thank and reward you for introducing your friends, family, and professional network to our innovative platform

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Winee3 Launches Open Beta: Experience the Future of SocialFi Networking

Winee3, the pioneering SocialFi super-app, is excited to announce the launch of its open beta version, now available for download on both iOS and Android devices. This milestone marks a significant step forward in Winee3's mission to revolutionize professional networking by integrating cutting-edge Web3 technologies.

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Exploring the World of Winee3

A Blockchain-Powered Networking and Event Management Platform What is Winee3? Winee3 is revolutionizing professional networking and event management. As a blockchain-powered platform, it introduces AI-driven matchmaking, versatile event ticketing, and customizable profiles, all while harnessing the power of blockchain technology.

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Winee3 Token Utilities

Unlocking the Power of Winee3 Token and Winee Points in Winee3. Winee3 stands at the forefront of Web3 networking and event management, revolutionizing how professionals connect and engage. Central to its innovation are two pivotal assets: the Winee3 Token and Winee Points, each playing a unique role in enriching the platform's ecosystem.

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How to Buy WNE Tokens During the Winee3 Presale

🎉 Exciting News! The Winee3 token pre-sale Community Round 1 is now live! Don't miss your chance to become an early contributor at special discounted prices.

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Winee3 Token Pre-Sale Community Round 1 Begins! Join the SocialFi Revolution

We are excited to announce the start of the Winee3 token pre-sale community round 1! This is your opportunity to become an early contributor to the Winee3 project at advantageous prices.

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Join the Winee3 Referral Program and Win Up to $4,000 in Prizes!

Winee3, the innovative SocialFi super-app, is thrilled to announce the launch of its referral program, coinciding with the release of the beta version on the App Store. This is your chance to not only experience the future of professional networking but also to earn incredible rewards by sharing Winee3 with your friends and colleagues.

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Winee3 Closed Alpha Test

We're thrilled to announce an overwhelming response to the upcoming #Winee3 app's closed alpha testing phase. With over 15,000 early access requests received within a week, the enthusiasm from our community has far exceeded our expectations. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who's shown interest in being part of this pioneering journey.

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Our journey towards a Web3 networking revolution is carefully mapped out in the Winee3 Roadmap. Explore our planned milestones and key developments, which will shape the future of Web3 networking and event management.

Phase 1

  • Conducts market and competitor research
  • Initiates project planning
  • Releases a draft project blueprint
  • Finalizes the developer team
  • Prepares lists of potential investors and partners
  • Begins the core app development
  • Plans crypto and NFT infrastructure integration
  • Engages with legal advisors for regulatory insights
  • Starts backend and service development
  • Continues app development

Phase 2

  • Whitepaper Concept Defined
  • Crafts tokenomics and drafts the whitepaper
  • Starts community building with pre-marketing activities
  • Continues backend and service development
  • Continues app development
  • IDO preparation
  • Launches an ambassador & referral program
  • Active Community Expansion
  • Community growth
  • Significant Growth in User Base

Phase 3

  • Formed Strategic Partnerships
  • Private investment round
  • Seed round closed
  • MVP App development for IOS & Android
  • Launchpads secured
  • TGE date announced
  • Token giveaway
  • IDO Successfully Rolled Out
  • Alpha Version Unveiled
  • TGE & DEX listings

Phase 4

  • Public Beta Version Unveiled
  • Networking Beta Release
  • Event NFT Ticketing Beta Release
  • In-app Blockchain Features Release
  • Leaderboard Feature Release
  • Start the WineeDuo Staking
  • Announce Collaborations and Partnerships
  • Create Tutorial Content for App Navigation
  • Integrate Crypto Payment Gateways into the App
  • Discuss Potential Listings with CEX Platforms

Phase 5

  • Launches the app to the public
  • Corporate account function release
  • Voice group chat function release
  • Video group chat function release
  • Book a meeting function release
  • Education function release
  • Job search & finding function release
  • Winee3 Wallet release
  • Release of new complete-to-earn missions
  • Aggressive KOLs and Marketing campaigns

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frequently ask questions

Winee3 is a blockchain-powered networking and event management platform, offering a range of features including AI matchmaking, event ticketing, and customizable profiles.

Our AI matchmaking algorithm connects users based on shared interests and professional backgrounds, facilitating meaningful networking opportunities.

Winee3 hosts both online and in-person events, providing a versatile platform for various types of gatherings.

Yes, Winee3 supports cryptocurrency transactions, including the purchase of event tickets using our native tokens or other accepted digital currencies.

Blockchain technology on Winee3 is used for secure ticketing, transparent event management, and to enable a decentralized ecosystem for users.

Yes, users can create and manage their own events, leveraging our platform's tools for ticketing, promotion, and audience engagement.

Creating a profile on Winee3 allows you to showcase your skills, achievements, and interests in the Web3 space. It also enables you to connect with like-minded professionals, access tailored event recommendations, and participate in our unique rewards and leadership programs.

Absolutely! Winee3 is designed for professional networking, allowing users to connect with peers, industry leaders, and potential collaborators in their field of interest.

Winee3 offers a dedicated platform for job postings and hiring within the Web3 ecosystem. Companies can post job listings related to blockchain, tech, and other relevant fields. Job seekers can apply directly through the platform, leveraging their Winee3 profiles to showcase their skills and experiences. This feature facilitates targeted hiring and makes it easier for members to find opportunities aligned with their expertise in the Web3 space.

Users earn rewards for participating in the community, contributing to network growth, and engaging in various activities on the platform.

Event tickets can be purchased directly on the Winee3 platform. We offer a seamless and secure process, allowing users to buy tickets using traditional payment methods or cryptocurrency.

You can send event invitations to other users easily through the app, turning virtual connections into real-life meetups.

On Winee3, you can engage in communities by first finding groups that align with your interests or professional background within the Web3 ecosystem. Once you join a community, you can participate in discussions, share resources, and connect with like-minded individuals. These communities are great for networking, collaborating on projects, and staying informed about specific topics in the Web3 space.

Answer: The feed posting feature on Winee3 allows you to share updates, insights, and questions within your communities. You can post text, links, images, or videos to the feed, similar to other social media platforms. This feature is designed to encourage active participation and engagement in your communities. It allows for real-time interaction, where members can comment on, like, and share posts, fostering a dynamic and interactive environment for community members.

Yes, Winee3 offers basic functionalities for free. However, premium features, such as advanced networking options and exclusive event access, are available through subscription or by utilizing our platform tokens.

It is Winee3's native utility token, used for transactions, rewards, and staking within the platform.