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Disclaimer for Winee3

1. Introduction

This disclaimer ("Disclaimer") governs your engagement with the Winee3 website, mobile applications, and all integrated services. Acceptance of our platform entails full agreement to this Disclaimer. If not in agreement, you're advised against utilizing our services.

2. Role as a Third-party Broker App

Winee3 serves as a third-party broker platform, bridging event organizers with prospective attendees. Though we offer a platform for ticket sales and event exposure, we don't directly oversee event management. As such, any discrepancies or disputes related to events or tickets lie beyond our immediate jurisdiction.

3. AML Compliance and Customer Rights

Recognizing the importance of transparent financial transactions, Winee3 is committed to stringent Anti-Money Laundering (AML) standards. Both event organizers and ticket purchasers must be cognizant that while Winee3 champions AML protocols, due diligence rests with each party. We ardently champion the rights of our users, ensuring transparency and fairness in all operations.

4. No Warranty

Winee3 provides information, products, and services on an "as-is" basis. We neither confirm nor refute the absolute accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of content and hold no liability for any implications arising from its use.

5. Limitation of Liability

Any engagements with Winee3 and its features come with an acknowledgment of the inherent risks. We, including our partners and affiliates, aren't liable for any damages or disputes arising from the use or misuse of our platform.

6. Intellectual Property Rights

All content on Winee3, from imagery to logos, is our intellectual property or that of our licensors. Unauthorized reproduction, copying, or misuse is subject to legal implications.

7. Third-Party Links

Winee3 might feature links redirecting to external sites. Our liability doesn't extend to the content, privacy protocols, or any other aspect of these third-party entities.

8. User Responsibilities

Both organizers and customers bear the onus of legal and ethical interactions on our platform. Any unlawful engagements, fraudulent acts, or breaches can lead to access termination and potential legal repercussions.

9. Changes to This Disclaimer

Winee3 reserves the right to update this Disclaimer as deemed necessary. Regular checks are advised to stay updated on any modifications.

10. Indemnification

Users agree to protect and compensate Winee3 and its associates from any claims or damages ensuing from any breach of this Disclaimer or misuse of the platform.

11. Governing Law

The law of the jurisdiction where Winee3 is registered will preside over this Disclaimer. Any disputes will be adjudicated in line with this jurisdiction's legal framework.

12. Contact Information

For any clarifications or concerns pertaining to this Disclaimer, we're reachable at